Summer is the perfect time to tend to your mental health while taking in all the wonderful things the season has to offer. With no shortage of sunshine or warm weather, summer encourages us to get outside, exercise, and explore a new hobby. Summer activities to benefit your mental health are particularly impactful and fun to pursue, and give you an extra dose of vitamin D in the process.

Find a New Hobby

Summer is a great time to expand your horizons with a new hobby that will take you out into the sunshine. Studies show that spending time outside is great for boosting a person’s mental health, whether that means going for a picnic with friends or lounging lakeside with a book.

Maybe this is your year to develop your green thumb through gardening. Gardening is particularly good for your mental health because of its elements of mindfulness. While you’re outside taking in the fresh air, notice any meditative rhythms that start to arise while you’re digging in the dirt. Alternatively, maybe you’ve been meaning to develop a meditation practice or try yoga outside. Both of these mindfulness-focused hobbies are perfect to explore while the sun is out.

Sweat in the Sunshine

Sometimes summer activities to benefit your mental health mean giving your body some extra love in the form of sweat and exercise. This time of year, state and national parks and recreation areas offer an unlimited number of ways for you to take in some exercise while enjoying the season. Maybe it’s time to break out those kayaks in the back of the shed, or spend a day swimming at a lake. This is also a great time to explore local hiking trails and enjoy all the plants in bloom.

Find a Community Connection

Almost any town or city is gearing to launch its outdoor activities this time of year. Check with local event boards and social media groups to stay up to date with what’s going on. Attending outdoor movie nights, taking in some local music al fresco, or hitting up a sprawling food festival are great ways to explore the world around you while also making deeper connections with your local community. Summer activities to benefit your mental health become even more meaningful when you’re able to connect with others and share experiences unique to the season.

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