Our bodies are designed to support us through our lives, and that includes helping us to recover after an intense competition or training session. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an important piece of our metabolic systems that is key to athlete recovery and preventing general wear and tear on our bodies as we age. Giving yourself a boost of this miracle worker may help to improve training, as well. Learn more about how NAD+ can help you to achieve a higher level of performance through better athlete recovery.


How Does NAD+ Work?

NAD+ exists naturally in our bodies where it regulates enzyme production, converts food into energy, regulates cell production and growth, and repairs damaged DNA molecules, among other functions. While this dinucleotide is found throughout your body, you can also supplement it with an oral or IV dosage.

When you add NAD+ treatments to your regime, you can expect to gain more from your training, with quicker athlete recovery. This happens through NAD+’s ability to increase your muscle strength more effectively, boost your stamina by speeding up metabolism, and reducing muscle soreness more quickly after a training session.


Choosing Your Treatment Type

If you’re looking for the type of athlete recovery that NAD+ can offer, your next decision is whether drip IV treatments or oral supplements are the right choice for you. Each comes with its own benefits:

    • Oral Supplements: Oral NAD+ supplements offer the ease of a pill, which you can take when it’s convenient for you. However, there are several downsides. For example, oral supplements take longer to become effective and must taken more often. Also, buyer beware: choosing an effective supplement can be difficult in a flooded marketplace.
    • Drip IV Treatments: NAD+ Drip IV treatments offer an immediate dose of this workhorse supplement, offering faster and more effective recovery, not to mention several other benefits of NAD+. A drip IV treatment requires dosing in a certified clinic, which can be more difficult to schedule for some people, but its benefits are too many to count.


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