Many people have questions about ketamine for depression and chronic pain. Here you’ll find answers to common questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us.

Is ketamine for depression safe?

Ketamine has been an FDA approved drug since the 1970s, when it was cleared for use as an anesthetic and analgesic medication. For these uses, ketamine is listed on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications. When used as a depression and chronic pain treatment—and when administered by a trained medical professional—ketamine is safe and causes very few side effects.

How is ketamine administered?

While ketamine can be administered orally, sublingually, intranasally, and intramuscularly, the preferred and proven method of administration is intravenously. Through IV ketamine, the patient receives 100% of the medication to the bloodstream, ensuring maximum bioavailability—and maximum results.

What should I expect during my first infusion?

Once we determine that you are a candidate for ketamine infusions, we’ll ask you to complete and submit a series of intake forms and schedule your initial consultation. Many patients are able to receive their first ketamine infusion immediately following their consultation.

Please avoid eating solid foods or drinking pulpy juices for at least 6-hours prior to your infusion.

During your infusion, we closely monitor your heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen levels. Some patients experience nausea during their infusion. If this happens to you, let us know, and we can add an anti-nausea medication to your drip. Other side effects are mild, and include non-threatening hallucinations and fatigue.

You will remain awake during your infusion, and most people choose to relax and listen to music while in the treatment room.

Ketamine for depression lasts about 45-minutes, and ketamine for chronic pain will last for 2+ hours depending on your unique symptoms. You will be monitored for about 30-minutes post-infusion, after which you will be released into the care of a family member or loved one. You may not drive or operate heavy machinery for 24-hours after your ketamine infusion.

How many ketamine infusions will I need?

The protocol for ketamine for depression and chronic pain is 4-6 infusions performed over the course of 2-weeks, with maintenance infusions as needed after that. Every patient is different—some patients can go months without needing maintenance infusions, while others continue to receive infusions on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Is ketamine addictive?

Ketamine is not a physically addictive substance. Like many drugs that offer immense health benefits, ketamine can be abused recreationally which can result in a psychological addiction. However, ketamine for depression is administered by a medical professional in a clinical setting. The medication is not sent home with the patient, reducing the risk of abuse.

Will ketamine work for my depression or pain?

We can’t say definitively that ketamine will work for your depression, anxiety or chronic pain. However, studies of ketamine in depression and pain suggest it can provide relief in as many as 70% of those who have used it, even for patients who have resisted other methods of treatment in the past. Studies suggest, chronic pain patients experience relief for as long as 11-months after the initial series of infusions. Most patients know whether ketamine will work for them after just 1-2 infusions, and some patients feel relief within hours of their first infusion!

What conditions does ketamine treat?

Ketamine infusions are used to treat a wide variety of mental and physical health conditions, including: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, Lyme disease, diabetic nerve pain, and phantom limb syndrome.

Should I stop taking my other medications?

Never stop taking medication without the explicit instruction of your prescribing physician. During your consultation, we will review your current medications and determine whether there are any contraindications between ketamine and the medicines you are taking.  

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