Travel and chronic pain might not go hand in hand to someone who lives with this condition. But experiencing this condition doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you love. And while taking on a lengthy trip might have its challenges, there are ways to make sure you and your body are supported to make the most of your time away. You might consider a new way to manage your chronic pain, like ketamine infusion therapy, for example, and a game plan for tackling any lengthy travel periods.

Always Be Prepared

The key to making the most of travel while living with chronic pain is in the details. Planning ahead for your vacation will mean you can enjoy your trip while staying healthy.

Before leaving for your trip:

  • Make sure all of your prescriptions are filled. Experts recommend refilling your prescriptions ten days ahead of your departure, that way if you need your doctor’s assistance, you’ll have the time to plan for it. You might also consider any therapies that might support you while traveling, like ketamine infusion therapy.
  • Pack with a plan. Ahead of your departure date, consider what items you’ll need to make yourself comfortable while flying or driving to your destination, and what will help you stay pain-free during your visit. Make sure you have good, supportive shoes, too. Your feet will thank you.

Put Your Body First

Whether you’re getting ready to travel or are deep in the midst of an exciting vacation, when you put your body first, dealing with chronic pain will be easier.

Perhaps you’re in the planning stages of taking a vacation and wondering if there’s a better way to handle your condition. Many forms of pain are difficult to treat with traditional medicines and therapies, and because of this many sufferers have turned to ketamine infusion therapy. Known to act quickly with longer-term results, this type of infusion therapy might be a good option to consider ahead of your next big trip.

While you’re traveling, paying attention to when your body needs to sleep or just needs some rest pool-side will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Staying on top of your dietary needs will also offer a wealth of support.

If you’re considering new ways to support your chronic pain ahead of travel, and think ketamine infusion therapy might be a helpful option, book a consultation to start the journey to living with less pain.

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