The weather is warmer, and you’re ready to jump into all of those summer activities you love so much: a long afternoon on the beach, cocktails with friends on a rooftop bar, picnics that bleed into dusk. But feeling and looking your best during the summer months can become a challenge if you forget to rehydrate. Exploring IV hydration can help you to feel back on top and has lots of added benefits to boot.

Stay Hydrated to Stay Active

Dehydration can make you feel fatigued and stagnant during the time of year when you want to go, go, go. But IV hydration treatments work quickly to rehydrate you and can help address issues like vitamin deficiency.

Because its injected directly into your blood stream, IV hydration works quickly and effectively since it forgoes your digestive system. That means that the IV’s hydrating elements, vitamins, and minerals get to work immediately, leaving you with an almost-immediate healthy glow and a boost of energy. Even if you’re someone who enjoys the bounty of summer produce from the farmers market and takes a daily vitamin, IV hydration can offer you a boost.

A Full Slate of Benefits

The hydrating aspects of our IV treatments leave our patients feeling energized, but the vitamin and minerals found in IV hydration are also important to keep you glowing during the summer months.

We offer an array of IV therapies that can address vitamin deficiency issues while helping you to rehydrate. Our rehydration therapy combines B complex and saline to fight fatigue and detoxify your system. But if you’re looking for a deeper boost, we offer our Meyer Cocktail, featuring a blend of magnesium chloride, B complex, and ascorbic acid to relieve symptoms of stress and depression. Our Athletic Performance therapy combines our amino blend, B complex, and saline to help you replenish essential nutrients after strenuous activity.

Our deeper offerings of IV therapies are tailor made to help people like you to stay energized and to address any issues you might be facing during these busy summer months. All that in addition to a healthy, deep glow that comes from being hydrated and healthy. Book an appointment today to feel your best this summer.


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