What Does Vitamin D Do For Me?
It is very important for your health to have enough, but not too much vitamin D. Normally, vitamin D is made in your body when your skin absorbs sunlight and is good for your overall health, and especially beneficial to your mental health.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Seasonal affective disorder can cause depression, disrupt sleep patterns, and affect your general mood. The exact cause is unknown, but a lack of vitamin D leads to low levels of serotonin and melatonin that may contribute to seasonal affective disorder. In winter months in general, and even more the farther north you live, your body doesn’t get too much vitamin D from the sun as it does in the spring and summer.

What Can I Do About It?
Eating foods that are high in vitamin D is always a good idea. Additionally, cholecalciferol (the proper name for vitamin D3) is an over-the-counter supplement that you can take, but make sure to follow instructions and not overdo it. If SAD makes you feel depressed, there are more options than just taking cholecalciferol. Some people use antidepressants, but it can take weeks to get the full effect. To combat seasonal affective disorder, a lesser-known but very effective treatment is ketamine. Ketamine is a safe treatment that gives rapid results and you can take it safely just for the duration of SAD.

Getting the right amount of vitamin D is an important factor in our overall health. Just like staying hydrated, getting enough exercise and sunlight are all important elements that make up a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with your mental health, please don’t hesitate to contact or office.


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