We’ve all been told to make sure we drink enough water day in and day out. Water keeps our body working at its best in large part by keeping us hydrated. However, sometimes a person can become dangerously dehydrated. In truth, even moderate dehydration can bring on symptoms like dizziness, dry mouth and lips, and headaches. For those times when dehydration has impacted the routine health of your body, considering IV hydration therapy is a smart path.

Why Hydration is Important

An adult’s body weight is composed of about 60% water, meaning staying hydrated is important for many of its functions. Water keeps things like digestion and body temperature in check, and even mild dips in its consumption can lead to dehydration symptoms.

Maintaining hydration through water consumption or IV hydration therapy can bring with it a host of benefits—including enhanced brain power and physical performance, plumper and clearer skin, and a balanced body weight. The amount of water your body needs to maintain itself will depend on factors such as your age, weight, gender, and even how often you exercise.

IV hydration therapy is a great, fast way to start feeling like yourself again. Some people find incorporating IV vitamin therapy into their routine to be another boost to their systems.

How IV Hydration Therapy Works

IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy both work by delivering relieving fluids, vitamins, and minerals to your system in a fast and direct way. Because the customizable fluids are administered via IV, they’re able to relieve dehydration and dehydration symptoms quickly by going directly into your bloodstream. With this quick and targeted delivery, you can expect a shorter recovery time. Additionally, IV vitamin therapy allows you to target other key areas with a customized solution.

When you begin an IV hydration therapy session, your weight, health, and level of dehydration will all be taken into consideration. Consulting with a professional will allow them to make sure you receive all the key benefits from your session beyond hydration, including beneficial detoxing of your system through your liver and kidneys. Hydration isn’t all about water, and sometimes we can all use an extra boost.


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