The holiday season is a hectic one. We find ourselves overeating, over-drinking, and overbooking our schedule. With how busy we are, we tend to lose track of our health and we may forget how important it is to stay hydrated. Dehydration is damaging to our overall health and mental focus. This is not a good combination during the busy end-of-year rush. 

Most of us have heard time and time again that we need to stay hydrated in order to help our bodies run properly. Water is an essential part of our health, especially considering that our bodies are comprised of about 60% water. When we let our water supply get too low, the effects can be far reaching. 

Dehydration upsets the body’s natural balance and can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. It can cause fatigue, headaches, and can impair many important functions of our bodies. Dehydration can also inhibit our ability to fight off illness. Germs and bacteria spread more easily in the colder weather, making us more likely to get sick if we are not staying hydrated. 

So how do we remember to stay hydrated when we have so many things going on this time of year? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Start your morning off right – Get in the routine of pouring yourself a glass of water first thing in the morning. You will not only reap the benefits of hydrating after a potentially dehydrating sleep, but you also can check off your first glass for the day.

Reusable water bottle – Keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day can help you drink more water. When you have a reusable water bottle, you can drink water in any setting and it is a visible reminder to drink more. 

Set reminders – You can set reminders to drink more water using an app or alarm on your phone. Try setting a reminder to take several sips every 30 minutes, or set a reminder to finish drinking a whole glass and refill it every hour. 

Eat your water – Some foods are high in water content, and this is a good way to maintain a more hydrated lifestyle. Try to incorporate high water fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, melon, and celery. These foods also have added vitamins and minerals, so it’s a win-win. 

IV Hydration – IV hydration therapy is an easy, simple way to deliver fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. By providing fluids this way, your body can absorb these substances faster and at a higher dose leading to increased hydration and overall improvements to your wellbeing.


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