Did you know that seven out of ten people in America are taking at least one antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication prescribed by their doctor? Many are even prescribed more than one drug. But shouldn’t a holistic approach be the first line of defense against mental health conditions? The side effects associated with prescribed medications are oftentimes unpleasant, and even result in side effects that necessitate even more medications—it is a vicious cycle. Furthermore, with all the contraindicated medications out there, pharmaceutical treatment becomes more and more complicated.

According to an article in Psychology Today there are 11 self-care therapies that should be considered before turning to antidepressants and other drugs. By following these suggestions, people suffering from depression and anxiety may be able to better cope with their symptoms:

    1. Get Outside
    2. Avoid Caffeine…Goodbye Coffee…
    3. Try Mood-Enhancing Supplements
    4. Guided Meditation & Imagery
    5. Balanced Hormones
    6. Be Your Authentic Self: Follow Your Heart Always
    7. Exercise and Move Your Body
    8. Eat a Serotonin-Enhancing Diet
    9. Go to Therapy and Talk About Your Feelings
    10. Never Skip a Meal
    11. Consider the Question: Why exactly are you depressed?

The only issue that arises with treating depression using these holistic ideas is that mental health disorders cause people to pull away from social activity, making self-care and self-management exercises unapproachable. If it were that simple, then anxiety and depression wouldn’t be nearly as widespread. For those who are too affected by their depression or anxiety to engage in these holistic activities, different treatments may be necessary.

For example, ketamine infusions may be the stepping stone needed to enable the use of these awesome holistic therapy exercises. The use of ketamine helps to rebuild healthy neural connections in your brain and works quickly to dampen the sadness that hangs over your life. Then, the exercise, sunlight and hormonal balances may just enhance your already-positive results.


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