The old cliché, “You are what you eat,” stands true in many cases. Eating a diet filled with processed and fatty foods might leave you feeling less than healthy, while a diet rich in fruits and vegetables give you a boost physically and mentally. However, how our bodies respond to food isn’t always that simple. Feeling lethargic, having difficulty sleeping, or even experiencing brittle nails and hair can appear as a result of a nutrient deficiency. Luckily, getting to the bottom of your symptoms becomes a whole lot easier with nutrient testing, a series of tests that measure the balance of vitamins and nutrients present in your body.

What is nutrient testing?

Doctors have many tools at their disposal to diagnose what makes a person feel sluggish or moody, and nutrient testing is one. Practitioners of holistic health understand that the systems of our bodies are interconnected, and how one is operating will most often affect the rest. So a person’s blood offers important clues, especially when it comes to deficiency testing.

Some of the most basic tests measure a person’s levels of vitamin B-12, folate, and vitamin D, while others can provide a basic health profile that includes a complete blood count, urinalysis, and cholesterol panel. By recording these levels, a physician has a better understanding of your health and can provide holistic health care by balancing any deficiencies with supplements and dietary changes.

A Full Spectrum

Holistic health care calls for addressing the many connected needs of the body. While testing for individual vitamins and nutrients and blood health is important, nutrient testing can also offer larger insights into how well your body is working.

For example, in addition to deficiency testing, you might also receive a comprehensive metabolic panel that evaluates how your liver and kidneys are functioning, tests your blood sugar levels and electrolyte balance, and even takes into account your carbon dioxide levels. By staying on top of how your body’s systems are functioning, you can more easily prevent diseases and other conditions from creeping up later.

Feeling your best is a non-negotiable when it comes to living a full life. Taking steps to address lingering or persistent issues through deficiency testing is a powerful first step towards regaining a sense of vitality.

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