Obesity impacts a whopping 650 million adults worldwide, and its negative impact on our health has become better known over the past few decades. We now understand that maintaining a healthy body weight does more for you than just allowing you to enjoy a more active life.

The dangers of obesity include a range of health issues that can impact your daily life and your overall lifespan, particularly if you experience an onset of diseases like type 2 diabetes. Today, there are new drugs showing overwhelmingly positive results in the fight against excessive weight, including Tirzepatide.

Obesity and Your Health

People with obesity may experience a host of disorders and diseases brought on by excess weight. In adults, these can include high blood pressure and cholesterol, both of which can lead to heart disease; breathing issues like asthma and sleep apnea; and joint problems. Some people also develop gallstones or gallbladder disease.

Type 2 diabetes has also traditionally been considered a risk when a person becomes obese. A new class of drugs, which include Tirzepatide, has been developed to not only target the risk of this type of diabetes, but to also tackle many of the other dangers of obesity by helping patients lose the excess weight.

Fighting the Dangers of Obesity

Patients who qualify for the use of Tirzepatide will likely experience a range of benefits. In a recent 72-week trial, obese candidates saw substantial reductions in their body weight and lasting effects with a weekly injection of Tirzepatide. Participants who took Tirzepatide—as opposed to a placebo—lost up to 34.4 pounds, or about 15% of their body weight.

The effects of Tirzepatide can be profound and lead to increased health benefits. For example, patients frequently combine their injections with lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet and increased exercise, giving them more energy and lowering inflammation.


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