There is no shortage of research supporting the theory that water intake and weight loss are connected. Better hydration results in more weight loss, and also helps people keep weight off for the long-term. The exact nature of the relationship between drinking water and weight loss is multi-faceted.

1. Drinking water burns calories
We’re not talking about the calories burned by lifting a water bottle to your lips and actually drinking. Studies in both adolescents and adults have shown a 25-30% increase in resting energy expenditure within 10-minutes of drinking water. Furthermore, a study of overweight women found that—without changing any other aspect of their lifestyle—drinking more than 1 liter of water per day resulted in 4.4 lbs. of weight loss over the course of a year…just by drinking more water! Basically, every .5L of water ingested results in 23 extra calories burned—which adds up!

2. Drinking water before a meal can reduce your appetite
In one study, adults who drank a glass of water before a meal lost 44% more weight than those who did not, and in another study, those who drank water before breakfast consumed 13% fewer calories in the meal. It makes sense: drinking water can make you feel fuller, which causes you to eat less—an easy way to lose weight!

3. Drinking water reduces the risk of weight gain
Choosing water instead of high-sugar soft drinks or juices is obviously conducive to weight loss, but did you know that adding 1-cup of water to your daily intake each day can prevent you from gaining weight? Our metabolisms slow down as we age, causing us to gain weight at a faster rate the older we get. Adding more water to your diet can reduce or reverse this trend!

Water isn’t just great for those trying to lose weight. Staying plentifully hydrated also benefits energy levels, and can lead to physical benefits, such as a clear complexion, smoother gastrointestinal functionality, better athletic performance, and faster athletic recovery.

Drinking enough water every day can be a challenge. For those who struggle to consume the recommended 1-2L of water each day, JoyDeVie Infusions offers a series of IV Hydration infusions that can help support your overall health and hydration needs. Not only will IV hydration infusions keep you hydrated, but they can also be infused with vitamins and minerals to meet any other health and wellness needs you have, from athletic performance to immune support…and everything in between.


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