According to a recent survey, roughly 21 million Americans suffer from major depressive disorder symptoms every year. With such common symptoms as lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating, it’s no surprise that people with depression often find their work performance suffering. In fact, it is estimated that depression costs U.S. employers over $50 billion a year.

Causes and Symptoms of Depression
Although no one knows exactly what causes depression, there are certain factors that scientists believe influence the onset of the disease. These include a family history of depression, major life changes, physical or sexual abuse, and substance abuse. Whatever the cause, though, major depressive disorder symptoms can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life.

Here are a few of the most common symptoms and how they can negatively influence your work performance:

    • Lack of Motivation can make it hard to complete your assigned tasks.
    • Changes in Sleep Patterns may make it difficult to arrive at work on time or to be fully alert during work hours.
    • Difficulty Concentrating is a common symptom of depression that can prevent you from completing your work assignments.
    • Physical Symptoms of Depression can include headaches, digestive problems, and aching muscles, all of which can make you feel tired and sap your productivity.

What to Do if Depression is Impacting Your Work Performance
When you’re suffering from major depressive disorder symptoms, it can be very difficult to imagine a way out of your current situation. Yet, help is available. Whether you’re experiencing a lack of motivation or some of the physical symptoms of depression, it is important that you seek professional help. Speaking with a licensed mental healthcare professional or taking antidepressant medications may help get you back on track.

If you find that pharmacological treatment is not helping your depression, another option may be ketamine infusions. This innovative therapy has been shown to be highly effective at treating depression, especially in cases that have proved treatment-resistant in the past.

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