Ketamine therapy has made its mark in the realm of mental health when it comes to the treatment of depression. Traditional treatments like antidepressant medications are effective for many, but some individuals remain resistant to these interventions. Ketamine picks up where these treatments fall short, providing fast relief for those suffering from depression. In this blog, ketamine therapy is explained on how and who it can help.

Originally developed as an anesthetic, ketamine has gained attention in recent years as researchers have made some exciting discoveries when it comes to the treatment of depression. These findings have pointed to ketamine targeting a different neurotransmitter from traditional antidepressants. Overactive glutamate receptor genes can cause imbalances with Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), causing changes in mental health—such as the development of depression. Ketamine targets glutamate, restoring the calming nature of this neurotransmitter and providing relief of depression symptoms.

Ketamine therapy involves the controlled administration of the drug by medical professionals after a consultation has been conducted. The dosage, rate, and duration are determined based on several factors and is usually given through intravenous infusion. Most individuals report feeling an improvement from their depressive symptoms within hours or days after a ketamine session.

Due to the quick acting nature of ketamine, there are certain situations where ketamine for depression fits in best as a treatment option:

Treatment Resistant Depression: This is when an individual does not respond to conventional antidepressants and they have exhausted many other treatment options.

Suicidal Ideation: The thought process of having ideas about the possibility of ending one’s own life. Active suicide ideation involves preparation to commit suicide or forming a plan to do so.

Acute Symptoms: Major depressive symptoms due to severe distress, a disruptive life event, or other reasons.

Ketamine has emerged as a promising option for those suffering from depression. While it is truly a remarkable mental health tool, there is still much to learn about it. Ketamine for depression is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to work closely with a medical professional to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

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