Is IV hydration therapy the latest health trend? People spend years working out and getting in shape—is IV hydration therapy a new tool to help people succeed in this goal? Nutrition is a huge part of our health, and most people have trouble eating enough of the right nutrients to look and feel their best. And even if they do, many individual factors—such as genetics, lifestyle, age, and metabolism—can affect how well each individual can absorb these nutrients.

Enter IV hydration therapy.

IV hydration therapy is a type of vitamin treatment that is injected into the bloodstream, sending nutrients and minerals directly into your body. IV hydration therapy is not new—patients with illnesses are usually the primary candidates, but now, hydration therapy is being used for everyday health benefits as well. Through IV hydration therapy, your body absorbs more nutrients than through regular food ingestion, which can be more beneficial, not to mention more efficient, for your body. Some athletes even use it for fast hydration post-competition. When we consume food in our stomach, many individual factors determine how we absorb the food, if at all. For some people, eating healthy foods does not mean their body gets all the proper protein, carbs, and fats. However, with IV hydration therapy, since it goes directly into the bloodstream, our bodies absorb more nutrients and can use them to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

The benefits of IV hydration therapy include:

    • Increased hydration
    • Increased energy levels
    • Promotes healthier skin
    • Boosts immune system
    • Cures hangovers
    • Balances hormones
    • Relieves stress

If you plan on exploring IV hydration therapy, consider the following advice:

Make sure your clinician is board-certified, and look them up on your state’s medical board website. Ask them about their IV training.

Ask what kind of ingredients will be used in your IV drip, and confirm with your doctor that they match your personal health needs.

Disclose any medications or health issues you may have to make sure IV hydration therapy does not interfere with or worsen your condition.


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