While there’s no substitute for proper nutrition and careful training when you’re preparing for a marathon, those things can only get you so far. IV Hydration infusions before and after your race can give you the boost to perform better than ever, with minimal side effects and big payoffs.

Ready, Set, Go

IV Hydration infusions are great for helping you to maintain hydration levels during a marathon, particularly because you’ll be exerting so much energy across several hours. Being adequately hydrated before a race is also important because it minimizes the risk of major injury.

IV hydration therapy is extra effective because it hydrates your body without leaving you feeling bloated or running to the bathroom from drinking a lot of water. In addition, you’ll be sure to get the electrolytes and nutrients you need to carry yourself for a long distance because of the increased nutrient absorption you experience with IV Hydration therapy. Because the nutrients are delivered straight to your bloodstream, your body can use them for efficiently and effectively.

Road to (Faster) Recovery

While Hydration therapy can give you a true boost ahead of a race, tapping into its benefits post-marathon are also something to consider.

Taking in IV Hydration therapy following a marathon helps your body to flush out toxins that were released during your race, but it also aids in repairing damage to your body, reducing feelings of soreness and exhaustion.

If you’re in regular training for a series of marathons, Hydration therapy can prove especially beneficial: users see their recovery time shortened, allowing them to get back to running sooner and more efficiently. But even if you aren’t planning to dive right into training for your next marathon, IV Hydration can help you get back to feeling back to normal in your everyday life sooner.

Set Yourself Up for Success

If you decide to try IV Hydration therapy, it’s important to remember that you still need to eat a diet of foods dense in nutrition, including those high in carbohydrates and protein, in addition to plenty of vegetables and whole grains. Making sure you’re hydrated and maintaining good sleep practices is also key to your success when training for a marathon.

If IV Hydration therapy sounds like a good addition to your training regime, book a consultation to get started today.

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