Back to school is an exciting time full of new beginnings and opportunities. But, for parents, back to school can also lead to burnout. A 2023 study by nonprofit Understood found that 87% of the parents they surveyed reported that back to school season is the most stressful time of the year for them. Because it’s a source of anxiety and stress, back to school season can quickly lead to burnout. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep yourself and your mental health feeling good to avoid burnout.

Tips to Avoid Burnout During Back to School Season

Burnout can lead to more serious mental health issues like depression if you don’t meet it head-on as it occurs. While busy lives and schedules can get in the way of being able to take a break from life, here are a few tips to lessen the strain this time of year:

  • Find Support in Others. Parenting, even when you have the help of a supportive partner, is a stressful job. Finding community with other similarly-challenged parents can give you and them a sense of support. Look for local groups or other resources to connect.
  • Take Breaks (When You Can). Stepping back from stressful situations, including back to school season, is essential to avoid burnout and depression. Researchers have found that even small breaks taken during the day can improve stress levels and lead to a sense of recovery. Five or ten minutes is all you need to practice mindful breathing, or just close your eyes.
  • Accept Where You Are. Many parents, but especially those who have higher-need children, can end up feeling frustrated that they aren’t doing a good enough job. Not only can this lead to burnout and depression, but it simply isn’t true. Experts agree that accepting that parenting is sometimes a truly impossible task and giving yourself a break can help you to avoid burnout and be easier with yourself.

Most important, if you feel like your burnout or depression are more than you can handle, consulting a counselor to talk through your feelings and offer an additional channel of support can be an immense help. Putting yourself and your mental health first isn’t selfish, it’s a non-negotiable to being a caretaker.

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