Suffering from chronic pain or depression can have a devastating impact on your ability to live a full and happy life, especially when other treatments don’t do much to alleviate your symptoms. If you’ve tried other treatments without much success or are worried about the risks like addiction that can accompany them, ketamine infusions for chronic pain or mental health disorders might be right for you. To find out if you are a candidate for this treatment, you can schedule a consultation to receive an analysis of your past treatments and their effectiveness and your current health issues, including chronic pain.

Infusions for Chronic Pain

Pain is a complicated sensation. We experience four different types of pain—nociceptive, inflammatory, neuropathic, and functional—and it isn’t uncommon to experience two or more types at the same time. That means treatment for pain can be tricky and often isn’t as effective or long-lasting as you’d like. Ketamine infusions are a fast-acting non-addictive treatment for these types of chronic pain, thanks to their ability to block key receptors in your brain. This therapy is used to treat some commonly-experienced conditions like neck and back pain, nerve pain, and fibromyalgia, as well as many others.

Frequently, patients will pursue an infusion treatment after trying other types of pain management like injections, medications, or nerve blocks or because they want to avoid the addiction issues that can occur with opioids.

Effective Treatment for Mental Health Disorders

In addition to its effectiveness as a treatment for chronic pain, ketamine infusions have shown a remarkable ability to alleviate hard-to-treat depression quickly and effectively, particularly important when attempting to stop suicidal ideation. Ketamine infusion therapy is believed to be so effective in boosting your mood and thoughts because of its unique ability to create new molecular pathways in your brain by binding with specific receptors.

The research around ketamine infusions and mental health is ongoing and extremely promising, but the FDA approved the use of infusions in 2019 because of the promise they show. Ketamine infusions are also used to treat a host of other mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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